The Spirit of Christ

Title:               The Spirit of Christ

Author:           Andrew Murray

Imprint:         U.S., Whitaker House, 2018

Collation:       219 pages; 140*216 mm

ISBN:              978-1-60374-856-8

Class Code:    神学 T S O C -AM

  • Summary

Andrew Murray’s writings were a cherished and vital part of his ministry in Africa. In this classic work, Murray stresses the importance of one truth: the Holy Spirit must be known by every believer as an indwelling life of spiritual power. For Murray, this indwelling is to be accepted and treasured until it becomes part of the consciousness of the believer. As the Holy Spirit possesses us, all of our lives, even the least things, must be surrendered to His leading. If God’s people can learn to wait on the Holy Spirit for divine leading and working, placing ourselves entirely at His disposal, there will be manifestations of the Spirit’s power in the church such as the world has never known. In The Spirit of Christ, Murray covers all aspects of the Holy Spirit, in the hope that God’s glory will begin to work through His church in powerful ways that would be a witness for all the world.

“In my observation of the lives of believers, I have been very deeply impressed with one thought: that our prayer for the mighty working of the Holy Spirit through us and around us can only be powerfully answered as His indwelling in every believer is more clearly acknowledged and lived out.” –Andrew Murray

  • About the Author

Andrew Murray (1828-1917) was a well-known South African writer, teacher, and pastor. More than two million copies of his books have been sold, and his name is mentioned among the other great leaders of the past, such as Charles Spurgeon, T. Austin-Sparks, George Muller, D. L. Moody, and more.

  • Contents
  1. A New Spirit and God’s Spirit
  2. God’s Spirit and Your Obedience
  3. How to Wait for the Spirit
  4. Be Filled with the Spirit
  5. The Baptism of the Spirit
  6. A Divine Outpouring
  7. Power for Your Life
  8. How to Worship in the Spirit
  9. The Spirit Gives Life
  10. The Spirit of the Glorified Jesus
  11. The Indwelling Comforter
  12. How to Know the Spirit
  13. Truth to Live By
  14. The Gift of the Spirit
  15. How to Glorify Christ
  16. Saving the World from Sin
  17. Evangelism: You Can Participate
  18. Set Free!
  19. How to Be a Child of God
  20. Revitalizing Your Prayer Life
  21. The Holy Spirit and Your Conscience
  22. Hoe to Acquire Wisdom
  23. The Spirit and the Flesh
  24. Are You Spiritual or Carnal?
  25. You Are the Temple of the Holy Spirit
  26. Receiving the Spirit by Faith
  27. The Spirit of Love
  28. The Unity of the Spirit