The Secret of guidance

Title:               The Secret of guidance

Author:          F.B. Meyer

Imprint:        Moody, 2010

Collation:     192 pages

ISBN:             978-0-8024-5454-6

Class Code:  培灵 T S O G -FBM

  • Summary

In Secret of Guidance, first published in 1896, Meyer addresses one of the most crucial questions for every religious person: How do you find proper guidance? For if one is to lead a proper life according to God’s will, one must have a pretty good idea of what God’s will is. Many pray for guidance, and here Meyer attempts to show believers how they may start to discern God’s answer to those prayers. He further explains those conditions that may be keeping people from following the guidance that they have been given. Secret of Guidance is a useful guide for any Christian who feels lost on their path and is looking to reconnect with God.

  • About the Author

B. Meyer (1847–1929), a contemporary and friend of D. L. Moody and A. C. Dixon, was a Baptist pastor and evangelist in England involved in ministry and inner city mission work on both sides of the Atlantic. Author of numerous religious books and articles, many of which remain in print today, he was described in an obituary as The Archbishop of the Free Churches.

Purpose in Prayer

Title:                 Purpose in Prayer

Author:            Bounds, Edward McKendree, 1935-1913.

Imprint:          U.S.A.: NewKensington, Whitaker House, ©1997.

Collation:        192 p., 102*152 mm.

ISBN:                978-0-88368-438-2

Class Code:     培灵 P I P -EMB

  • Summary

The prayer of faith is one force that can turn your life into a testimony of God’s divine power. In fact, it is the only power in the universe that can change the purposes of God and bring victory to the Christian life. Even so, it is a power that is used too infrequently.

M. Bounds encourages every believer to open a “vista of infinite resource and possibility” by living a life of purposeful prayer. He explains yow you can:

  • Have the assurance of God’s answer every time you pray
  • See the results of your prayers
  • Obtain all that God has for you
  • Receive your inheritance and all that is Christ’s
  • Do all things by God’s aid
  • Know what to pray for
  • Grow in the likeness of Christ
  • Overcome the obstructions to daily prayer and meditation
  • Live in perfect love

The success and power of the Christian life depend on our ability to pray. Discover how you can be on the forefront of what God is doing and how you can become a living witness to others. The secret is prayer!

  • About the Author

(Edward McKendree) Bounds (1835–1913) has given us a powerful legacy of prayer, believing it to be the strongest link between God and man. Bounds was a pastor and editor who spent many years reading, writing, praying, and taking part in revival ministry. Deeply concerned for the world, Bounds would rise at 4 a.m. to pray. Since the time of the apostles, no man besides Bounds has left such a rich inheritance of research into the life of prayer.

Power Through Prayer

Title:              Power Through Prayer

Author:         E.M. Bounds

Imprint:       Whitaker House, 1982

Collation:     143 pages

ISBN:             9780883681176

Class Code: 培灵 P T P -EMB

  • Summary

Power Through Prayer teaches readers that prayer is much more than just another thing to cross off their lists each day. This guidebook provides believers with information about the most effective ways to use prayer to better understand God’s word, fully appreciate divine power, and more deeply commune with God. Power Through Prayer has the potential to transform a static but faithful Christian life into one that is dynamic, ever-changing, and always learning.

Do you want to pray with power? Are you experiencing the abundant life? You can discover how effective prayers will transform you into a dynamic Christian with a deeper understanding of the Word. Personal and direct communication with God will revitalize and invigorate you. If you make prayer a key factor in your life, you will know the fullness of divine power. E. M. Bounds wrote this book for Christians who want to be mighty prayer warriors. Here’s how you can have power through prayer!

  • About the Author

A chaplain during the American Civil War, Edward M. Bounds was a prolific writer especially about the importance of prayer in Christian life. After being released as a prisoner of war, Bounds traveled the country as an itinerant pastor, bringing many to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


Conformed to His Image

Title:                Conformed to His Image / Servant as His Lord: Lessons on Living Like Jesus

Author:           Oswald Chambers

Imprint:         U.S., Discovery House , 1996

Collation:     224 pages; 136*203 mm

ISBN:             1-57293-020-9

Class Code: 培灵 C T H I -OC

  • Summary

Growing spiritually is a well-known Christian responsibility, but where can you go to find time-tested, biblical wisdom to guide you?

This collection by Oswald Chambers, considered one of the most influential teachers of the 20th century, brings you answers and practical applications to help develop your spiritual life.

This well-known author of My Utmost for His Highest walks you through topics like spiritual failure and frustration to help you find the authentic Christian life you desire.

Oswald Chambers also shows you how God uses adversity to reveal Himself and give your life a quality of Christ-likeness.

  • From the Back Cover

Let go of the “old you” and become a new creature in Christ. In Conformed to His Image Oswald Chambers invites you to do this. Then he offers you a practical guide that will move you out of your doldrums of spiritual failure, frustration, and listlessness into the Christian life as you have imagined it could be.

With startling clarity, Chambers proves once again that the Christian life of power and satisfaction is not just for “saints” but for everyday believers. “The transformed life is not merely possible. It is the birthright of every Christian.”

In The Servant as His Lord, Chambers explores with compassion and insight why Jesus Christ predicted that His followers would experience many tribulations. But he goes on to show how God gives us a fighting chance to triumph, and he explains that Jesus Himself is eager to nourish and guide His saints in their hours of conflict.

The one great message of this book makes clear the truth that through it all, the Lord’s servant may be, and should be, “as his Lord.”

  • About the Author

Oswald Chambers (1874-1917) is best known for the classic devotional My Utmost for His Highest. Born in Scotland, Chambers had a teaching and preaching ministry that took him as far as the United States and Japan. He died at age forty-three while serving as chaplain to Allied troops in Egypt during World War I.

The Jesus I never Knew

Title:               The Jesus I never Knew

Author:          Philip Yancey

Imprint:        U.S., Zondervan, 1995

Collation:     298 pages; 140*210

ISBN:             978-0-21923-1

Class Code:  福音 T J I K -PY

  • Summary

“There is no writer in the evangelical world that I admire and appreciate more.” —Billy Graham

Philip Yancey helps reveal what two thousand years of history covered up….

What happens when a respected Christian journalist decides to put his preconceptions aside and take a long look at the Jesus described in the Gospels? How does the Jesus of the New Testament compare to the “new, rediscovered” Jesus—or even the Jesus we think we know so well? Philip Yancey offers a new and different perspective on the life of Christ and his work—his teachings, his miracles, his death and resurrection—and ultimately, who he was and why he came.

From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, Yancey presents a complex character who generates questions as well as answers; a disturbing and exhilarating Jesus who wants to radically transform your life and stretch your faith. The Jesus I Never Knew uncovers a Jesus who is brilliant, creative, challenging, fearless, compassionate, unpredictable, and ultimately satisfying. “No one who meets Jesus ever stays the same,” says Yancey. “Jesus has rocked my own preconceptions and has made me ask hard questions about why those of us who bear his name don’t do a better job of following him.”

  • About the Author

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Philip Yancey earned graduate degrees in Communications and English from Wheaton College Graduate School and the University of Chicago. He joined the staff of Campus Life Magazine in 1971, and worked there as Editor and then Publisher. He looks on those years with gratitude, because teenagers are demanding readers, and writing for them taught him a lasting principle: The reader is in control!

In 1978 Philip Yancey became a full-time writer, initially working as a journalist for such varied publications as Reader’s Digest, Publisher’s Weekly, National Wildlife, Christian Century and The Reformed Journal. For many years he wrote a monthly column for Christianity Today magazine, where he served for several years as Editor at Large.

The Yanceys lived in downtown Chicago for many years before moving to a very different environment in Colorado. They enjoy skiing, hiking, wildlife, and many other delights of the Rocky Mountains.

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Title:            A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life

Author:       William Law

Imprint:      U.S., Bridge-Logos, 2008

Collation:    367 pages

ISBN:            978-0-88270-453-1

Class Code: 培灵 A S C T –WL

  • Summary

Originally published at the beginning of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, a time when rationalist criticism of religious belief was perhaps at its peak, William Law’s A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life succeeded in inspiring the most cynical men of the age with its arguments in favor of a spiritual life. More than simply articulating a set of rules to live by, Law’s book examines what it means to lead a Christian life and criticizes the perversion of Christian tenets by the Establishment—whether secular or spiritual—whose real aim is temporal power. With a preface by the Reverend William Sloane Coffin, Jr., whose own direct engagement in social causes still finds inspiration in Law’s argument, A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life is a book that can still speak to our time.

  • About the Author

William Law, the 18th-century Anglican priest who heavily influenced the theology of John and Charles Wesley, lambastes pious hypocrisy and the corruption of the church in A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, the latest reissue in Vintage’s Spiritual Classics series. Law’s prose is fresh and vivid as he illustrates the holy Christian life as one lived wholly for God. His thoughts on prayer, personal holiness and service to the poor will resonate with many contemporary readers.

The Normal Christian’s life

Title:             The Normal Christian’s life

Author:        Watchman Nee

Imprint:      U.K., CLC Publication, 2009

Collation:    254 pages

ISBN:            978-0-87508-990-4

Class Code: 初信 T N C L -WN

  • Synopsis

Watchman Nee’s great Christian classic tracing the steps along the pathway of faith and presenting the eternal purpose of God in simple terms. Its central theme: “Christ our Life.”

Watchman Nee based his speaking on the first eight chapters of the New Testament book of Romans. Nee takes the first eight chapters of Romans as a “self-contained unit” and divides these chapters into two parts: Romans 1:1 to 5:11 as part one and Romans 5:12 to 8:39 as part two. In the first part of Romans “sins” is given prominent attention and deals with the question of the sins man has committed before God. However, the second section deals with “sin,” that is the inward nature, or inward working principle, within man that causes a man to commit sin. Thus there is a difference between the acts of a sinner, sins, and the inward nature of a sinner, sin. Nee reveals that God’s dual remedy is the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Cross of Christ. The Blood “deals with what we have done, whereas the Cross deals with what we are. The Blood disposes of our sins, while the Cross strikes at the root of our capacity for sin”.[4] As Nee progressively moves along in his book, he first touches upon the Blood and then focuses upon the Cross for the remainder of the book.

  • Review

If only every Christian and pastor would read this, take it to heart, and let the Holy Spirit lead. My thought is similar to Watchman Nee’s concern though, that many of us would take this to heart, but continue in our ways trying to make it happen, or turning it into our own ministry with our own rules and beliefs. Oh, that we would let the Holy Spirit lead. There is no division of the church or the Body of Christ except on the basis of Location. I think Watchmen Nee makes a very good case for this in this book.

  • About the Author

Watchman Nee, or Ni Tuosheng (Chinese: 倪柝声4-11-1903— 30-05-972), was a Chinese church leader and Christian teacher who worked in China during the 20th century. In 1922, he initiated church meetings in Fuzhou that may be considered the beginning of the local churches. During his thirty years of ministry, Nee published many books expounding the Bible. He established churches throughout China and held many conferences to train Bible students and church workers. Following the Communist Revolution, Nee was persecuted and imprisoned for his faith and spent the last twenty years of his life in prison. He was honored by Christopher H. Smith (R–NJ) in the US Congress on July 30, 2009.